Our Company

Golden Galleon Ship Management Services aims to provide domestic and international job opportunities in the shipping industry.

  • Crewing
  • Vessel Conduction
  • Vessel engine repairs and maintenance
  • Ship management
  • Other marine related services

Legally incorporated in the Philippines, the company was founded by an impressive group of like-minded people with a broad knowledge of and passion for the maritime business, as well as extensive work experience in various types of domestic and international vessels.


Together with a competent force of hardworking and competent staff, the company has achieved a reputable and extensive presence in the shipping management business.

Having fulfilled key roles in the ever-increasing local demand for efficient and dedicated crew and agents, our company continues to be a trustworthy source of quality shipping management services.


We strictly inculcate our client’s policies, rules and regulations, duties and responsibilities to every crew member of every manned vessel under our supervision. By placing a premium on maintaining good relationships between Ship owners, Principal, Agent and crew for the smooth operation of the vessel, we succeed to fulfill the business interest of the Principal.

Management Philosophy

As a premier shipping management service provider in the Philippines, our roster of clientele knows our stringent international quality standard of shipping management and pollution preventions services.


With emphasis on shipboard maintenance by highly qualified and efficient staff and crew, we ensure optimum cost effective performance of your business.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

  • Provide a wide range of excellent and high quality shipping management services in the maritime business
  • Recruit, develop, motivate, reward and retain highly dedicated and high caliber employees who share our enthusiasm and work ethics
  • Conduct a fair and transparent business, with high integrity, an impeccable corporate culture and a commitment to environmental safety and protection
  • Employ technology and innovation to generate value for the stakeholders
  • Manage risks systematically, being mindful of costs while aiming for best possible results
  • Aim for safe operation of vessels, strive for no injuries, loss of life, or damage to property and the environment
  • To meet the needs and go beyond the expectations of our clients by providing outstanding value-adding services

Vision Statement

To be a distinctive leader in the global maritime business by maximizing the potentials of onboard and ashore employees and assets in the corporate strategy implementation with the end goal of building up meaningful business connections with stakeholders.

Quality and Safety Policy

Quality Policy

Our utmost priority is to provide excellent and comprehensive shipping business solutions according to the needs and expectations of our clients, while continuously monitoring our performance for any improvements.

  • Fulfil charter-parties and management agreements to satisfy client expectations
  • Invest in long-term customer relations build on mutual trust and concern over society’s welfare and development
  • Ensure a quick and fair resolution of any client complaint, systematically identify representative clients and their opinion
  • Develop and implement well-thought of strategic plans and processes, working continuously to improve its Management System and operational responsiveness
  • Accomplish and achieve reasonable and measureable objectives and performance targets

Safety Policy

We promote ongoing assessment of our safety management system to sustain best practice guidance for onboard, shore and office staff and personnel.


We are confident that our advocacy for best practice is an effective way to diminish any problems to reoccur and to attain an incident-free operation for the ultimate benefit of our clients.